Frequently Asked Questions

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Why should I try PPC Advertising?

When a consumer search for a specific product or service, Internet is their go-to or primary source in finding information about it. That being said, PPC Ads will help you to deliver your ads in the front of a consumer who are actually looking and/or shows specific interest in your product or service. PPC also allows the business to compete in the top of the page position or most visible spot in result pages of Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. through an auction format. PPC Advertising gives you the easiest and fastest way to advertise your offers, to reach your target audience and drive relevant traffics in your website, and most importantly, to increase your ROI by maximizing your advertising budget.

Is PPC Expensive?

Many businesses views PPC advertising a very expensive way to advertise with. And it maybe true, that is, if you're managing your ad spend poorly that result in not getting any revenue. However, if you really know how to use PPC Ads, it can really bring you a serious revenue. And We, Optimisation Ninja will help you create a cost-effective advertisements to bring your business to success.

Can i still run a PPC ads even if my business is located only in specific geographic area?

If you owned a bricks-and-mortar and/or service type of business operating within a specific geographic location, YES, you can still run a PPC ads, through Geo-Targeting, it allows advertisers to geographically target a specific locations and regions hence, your ads will be shown only to the consumers located and/or residing within that specific geographic location.

Why is my PPC Ads not showing?

Here are some of the reasons why your ads is not showing:
a. You're advertising budget may not be large enough to get more space for your ads, as Google will limit your ads to stay within your budget.
b. Just like in your ad budget, if you're Ad rank is too low, Google may limit your ads from show or in worse case, may not show your ads at all.Furthermore, according to Google, the factors that affects your Ad rank your Bid Amount, Ad quality (such as CTR, Ad Relevance, Landing Page Experience and the Quality Score), the Context of the Search (such as the device used, time of the dar, search terms etc.) and your Ad Extension Impact. Which is why we should always double check and optimize this factors to make our ads appear more in user's feed.
c. Your Keywords have low search volume, meaning few people only searches that term and in most cases Google filter it and temporarily inactive the low-volume keyword. Hence, it is important to always do your keyword research to find keyword that your consumers actually searching for.
d. One obvious reason is that your ads may have been Paused because your ad group or campaign is also paused, Removed which may be for some other reason or in some other case, got Disapproved by Google which means your ads may have violate some of the advertising policies.
e. Your Negative Keyword conflicts and/or cancelling your Active/Targeted Keyword, since negative keyword are used to prevent your ads from shows when the user search for that specific negative keywords.

Why is my Cost-Per-Click getting higher?

a. The competition is getting higher. Because the more advertisers bidding to same keyword and competing to ad space, the higher the cpc get.
b. Your Quality Score is getting low. Quality Score plays a big part in getting a higher or lower cpc and the major factors that affects it are the Click-Through-Rate, Your Keyword Relevance to each Ad Group, Your Ad Relevance and the Landing Page Experience that we should always make sure that we optimized and make improvement to these factors.

Is there a Set-Up? What if i already have an existing PPC accounts, do i still have to pay for set up fee?

Yes, we charge a $15o for the Set-Up and Configuration of New Accounts. If you already have an existing PPC Account, then you don't have to pay for the Set-up Fee.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Why should I try Social Media Marketing?

With over 3 billions of our population using social media, with that, it is a great a opportunity for brands to include social media in their marketing strategies because that's where your target audience is and with our team of experts we can help you with that, whether to create brand awareness, grow your online presence, build relationship to your audience, drive traffics to your website, promote your content or increase your sales.

What Social Media platforms should i use for my Business?

The answer to that is it depends.
Regardless of the nature of your business, social media can really be a significant help your growth and improvement. However, since each social media platforms has different type of users with different behaviors, it is important that know first where your audiences are and start with that because sending your message to the wrong audience may result to a lot of issues in your future operation. Then, once you know where and who's your audience is, you can now create ads and promote your brand, products and services you offer etc.

How often should i advertise on Social Media?

Again, it depends on what your business need.
Some businesses for expample in an e-commerce industry they advertise when they have a sale promotions during holidays or special occassions, if they have new products, etc. to make their customers updated; Or in some cases, if you're starting a business, you can promote in advance to make users aware of your launching etc.

What type of Ads i can run on Social Media?

It depends on the Platform you're using. Because each Social Media platforms offers variety of options you can choose from on what type of ads you'd like to run, in some, it can be an image-based, video ads, promote apps, message ads etc.

Do you also offer content creation for your clients?

Unfortunately, as of now, we only offer paid advertising services for our clients.