What is Amazon Ads?

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer in the e-commerce industry where you can buy anything as in you can imagine and also, it's one of the leading cloud service provider nowadays. Even though it's mainly an e-commerce website where merchants sell their goods, Amazon can also be used as an advertising platform known as Amazon Ads where advertiser can promote their products or services through sponsored ads within the website. Just like Google, Amazon Ads is also Paid advertising platform under pay-per-click (ppc) channel. Moreover, your ads will appear in the Amazon SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) once a user search a term related to your product, as a banner ads or as a suggested products.


How Amazon Ads Work?

Amazon Ads works the same way as Google Ads wherein the advertisers will will bid on a certain term relevant to their offers to make their ads shown in the top of the result pages and they will only be charge once the customer click on their ads. The system of this platform will enables thousand of people to view your ads while you only pay for those who are actually interested in your product or services. Furthermore, Amazon Ads is also an auction-based meaning the advertiser has the power to decide on how much they're willing to pay for each click on their ads. Therefore, the more you're willing to pay, the more likely that Amazon will show your ads.

Why You Should Advertise on Amazon Ads?

If you're an e-commerce type of business and want to promote your products, then, Amazon is the best place for you to advertise with. Because Amazon Ads will give the opportunity to get more eyes to your product and/or even much better more buyers. Because with over 15 million unique visors each month and over 300 million Amazon users, you will also have an access to an immense amount of user's data which means Amazon Ads will not just only help you to drive traffics to your websites or view to your product but also to actually deliver to you the customers who are more likely to convert or purchased.

What are the Type of Ads you can create in Amazon Ads?

a.) Sponsored Products - ads that appear in the result pages once a user search for term/keyword that is related to your product.
b.) Sponsored Brands - these ads appear around the result pages when a user search for product. It allows the brand to promote their brand logo with a custom headline and up to 3 featured product.
c.) Product Display Ads - unlike the other mention type of ads, these ads are not keyword-targeted but rather individual products, product categories or shopper's interest.