What is Google Ads?

             Google Ads is one of the most used and popular Paid Advertising Platform in the world and under a marketing channel know as Pay-Per-Click or PPC, wherein the advertiser will pay for every click (CPC or cost-per-click) or for every impressions (CPM or cost-per-impression) on their clickable ad. Furthermore, the Google Ads is divided into two separate networks such as Google Search Network and Google Display Network.


How Google Ads Work?

                 Advertisers will create a campaign with their chosen objectives; they'll set up several ad groups that can be focused on different category and within the ad groups they will input a list of keywords that are relevant to what their business offers, then they will set a certain bids to each keywords on how much they are willing to pay for every google user to click on their ads. And when the user click the ads, the advertiser will pay a certain cost for that click (cost-per-click or CPC).


Why You Should Advertise on Google Ads?

          With Google owning 71% of the search market share; Google display campaigns reach 80% of the global internet users; with over 246 million unique visitors, 63,000 Google Searches across the world every seconds, 3.5 billions daily interactions and an estimated 700% ROI; and also Google owns the world's largest online display advertising network.


Talk about achievements, right?


And with all that stats, it's obvious that Google Ads is the best place for you to promote and advertise your business; to drive relevant and qualified traffics, generate new leads, get more phone calls, gain new customers and prospects and most importantly, increase your sales.

The Google Ads Network

Google Display Network          

In this network you can reach people who are actually searching for a specific product or service therefore your ads can show when someone searches a specific keyword/term related to one of your targeted keywords and it appear on Google search result pages, other Google sites like Google Maps and Google Shopping and other search-related websites that is in partnership Google to show ads.


Google Display Network

This network is designed to help advertisers in finding the right audience because your ads is strategically shows to a potential customers at the right place and at the right time. Also, this network helps you engage with your audience with visual ad formats like images, videos etc. Moreover, your ads will appear on specific Google Websites like Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger and Youtube.


What are the type of ads your can run in Google Ads?

a.) Text Ads - just like in the search network, this is a text-based ads only and this consist of a headlines and two desciption;
b.) Image Ads - you can use static images and/or images with interactive elements, animations and other aspects that changes depending on who is looking at the ad and how they interact with it like for example a GIF, Carousel etc.; and
c.) Responsive Ads - there are two types: Responsive Search Ads allows you to create ad multiple headlines and descriptions and Google Ads will automatically test different combinations to know which is performing best; and Responsive Display Ads, in this, Google will adjust the image size, appearance and format to fit in the available ad spaces on the Google Display Network.
d.) Video Ads - this is very popular especially on Youtube and it also has two type such as the skippable and non-skippable video ads.
e.) App Promotion - this includes the app itself and use to drive app downloads and engagements.
f.) Shopping Ad - this includes an image of your product with a title, price and other details.
g.) Call-only Ads - this includes the phone number of your business and use to phone calls to your business.