Nowadays, Social Media is one of the most powerful medium for every Business especially the starting ones to create and expand brand awareness, drive relevant traffics, and above all, increase sales. And by publishing captivating and interactive contents, with right audience targeting and a good marketing strategy, social media can really bring your business to a remarkable success.


Instagram Ads

With over millions of active users and still growing fast, Instagram is one of the best social network platform for you to advertise your contents or business to your target audience. As a matter of fact, a large number of companies are already using this platform to promote their products & services and expanding their brands, and with proper use, this platform can really help your business to grow and get more new customer and prospects.


What are the Type of Ads you can create on Instagram?
a. Stories Ads; b. Photo/Image Ads; c. Video Ads; d. Carousel Ads; e. Collection Ads;

and f. Ads in Explore

Twitter Ads

Twitter is another great platform mediums for your to promote you products and brands however, with hundreds of millions of tweets sent per day, your tweets are more likely to get lost in the noise but with the help of Twitter Ads you can now easily get your message to your target audience, gather relevant traffics and increase brand awareness.


What are the Type of Ads you can create on Twitter?
a. Promoted Tweets; b. Promoted Accounts (with objective such as: App Installs, Followers, Tweet Engagements, Video Views, Website Clicks or Conversions, App Re-engagments, In-Stream Video Views and Awareness); and c. Promote Trends

LinkedIn Ads

If you're B2B type of Business, or offers something that benefits the business owners or working professional then LinkedIn is the best platform for you to advertise with. This platform will help your business to build awareness, generate leads and drive relevant website traffics in the world's most viewed professional news feed. This will also help and give you the opportunity to target the professionals who need to know about the products, services or jobs you offer.


What are the Type of Ads you can create in LinkedIn?
a. Message Ads; b. Single-Image Ads; c. Text Ads; d. Dynamic Ads; e. Video Ads; and f. Job Ads

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is the best choice for business with visual brands to advertise with. Because this platform only publish image-based post callled Pins which are link to a blogs, products or websites. With this, your ads will only be shown to your target audience at the time that they're more likely to engage with your ads or even much better become your customer.


What are the Type of Ads you can create in Pinterest?
a. Promoted Pins; b. Buyable Pins; c. Promoted Carousels; d. Promoted Video Pins; e. Story Pins; and e. Promoted App Pins